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photo of a double-entry accounting ledger

The history of accounting technology: From clay counters to cloud software

Trace the history of accounting tools from the birth of the practice to the technological innovations of the present.

Netgain opens office in Sydney, Australia

Netgain Expands Global Footprint with New Office in Sydney to Serve the APAC Region

Netgain, a leading software provider for accounting teams, announced its expansion into the APAC region with the opening of its new office in Sydney, Australia.

loan officer and borrower reviewing a document

Day count convention guide: Definition and best practices

Learn the most common types of day count conventions, how they're calculated, and how they impact interest accruals on loan and bonds.

accounting technology can help to ease the accountant shortage

Bridging the gap: How accounting technology can ease the impact of the accountant shortage

The shortage of qualified accounting professionals presents a challenge to businesses. Accounting technology can resolve some of the burden on overworked teams.

person typing on laptop with symbols representing ERP and other software

The top 7 NetSuite integrations for businesses in 2024

NetSuite integrations can add completely new functions to an already impressive catalog of tools. Read the best NetSuite integrations in 2024.

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3 reasons 2024 is a good time to be an accountant

Discover why 2024 is a prime time to excel in the accounting industry. Read the benefits and opportunities for accountants today and in the future.

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How to improve your NetSuite instance with SuperSync Integrations by Netgain

Discover how SuperSync Integrations can enhance your NetSuite usage with seamless financial data synchronization.

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Netgain announces $35 million investment from Summit Partners to accelerate its mission to modernize accounting

Netgain, a leading software provider for accounting teams, today announced a $35 million minority investment led by global growth investor Summit Partners.

Logo design featuring the names "NetGain" and "SuperSync" with respective logos, connected by a plus sign, followed by the phrase "better together" beneath.

Netgain Announces Strategic Acquisition of SuperSync

Netgain — a leader in providing NetSuite-native modern accounting solutions — has officially announced the acquisition of SuperSync,...

Two people reviewing information presented to them on a phone.

NetLease for NetSuite vs Lease Query for NetSuite

Elevate lease accounting with NetLease: superior reporting, dedicated support, & seamless NetSuite integration. Transform your financial processes efficiently.

A hand holding a smartphone with icons of various smart home devices connected to it, symbolizing the control of home automation technology.

Accounting Automation - What Is It And How Can NetClose Help?

Revolutionize your financial processes with accounting automation. Save time, reduce errors, and boost efficiency with automated tools and software.

Three office workers, one celebrating with a high five, at desks with computers, showing teamwork and joy in a modern office setting.

Maximize Your NetSuite Accounting With Netgain

Elevate your financial management with Netgain's real-time insights, automated processes, and cloud flexibility. Maximize NetSuite accounting efficiency today!

A person analyzes financial data on a laptop showing colorful graphs and charts, with a calculator and printed documents on a desk, by a window overlooking a cityscape.

NetLease Tops Lease Accounting Charts in G2 Winter 2024 Reports

See why Netgain's NetLease platform won multiple No. 1 rankings in G2's Winter 2023 reports.

Two individuals at a desk, one handing a pen to the other to sign a document, with a mobile phone and a car key on the table.

The Ultimate Guide To Implementing GASB 87

Explore the essentials of GASB 87 with our comprehensive guide. Understand key requirements, implementation steps, tools, and best practices for streamlined compliance and…

A person reviews financial data displayed on a tablet, including charts and graphs, on a wooden desk with printed documents alongside.

Top NetSuite Compatible Fixed Asset Software For 2024

Discover the best NetSuite compatible fixed asset software for 2024. Our guide for accountants covers key features, integration capabilities, and more.

A person uses a stylus on a touchscreen laptop displaying a project management app with status columns labeled "progress," "testing," and "requested." a keyboard and office supplies are also visible.

Top Loan Management Software For NetSuite

Discover the best loan management software for NetSuite users. Enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and get personalized support with Netgain.

Top view of a workspace with a person using multiple screens and devices, showing various programs, alongside other tech accessories on a neat desk.

The Best Automated Reconciliation Software For 2024

Discover the top automated reconciliation software for 2024! Netgain's solutions boost accuracy, integrate seamlessly, and protect your financial data with the…

A businessman in a gray suit working intently at his desk, using a laptop and holding documents, in a bright office with large windows.

The Ultimate Guide To Accounting In NetSuite

Explore the Ultimate Guide to NetSuite Accounting: a comprehensive resource for businesses seeking to optimize financial processes.

A person in a business shirt holds a card with "erp" text, symbolizing enterprise resource planning, against a blurred light background.

The Best ERP Systems For Your Company

Discover the power of ERP systems for efficient business operations. Learn about key features, benefits, and how to choose the right system for your company.

A person's finger touching a futuristic digital interface with icons representing data management and analysis, depicted using glowing blue hexagons on a dark background.

Top NetSuite Compatible Lease Software For 2024

Streamline your financial processes with accounting automation. Discover how automated tools and software can save you time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency in your accounting tasks.

A focused man with glasses working at a desk, writing notes next to a laptop and tablet in a well-organized office space.

Best Financial Close Management Software in 2024

The best financial close management software in 2024 - Bring close management into NetSuite and streamline the month-end close with automated task management and reconciliations.

Surprised man with glasses reacting to a laptop screen displaying quickbooks with a "lease accounting in QuickBooks?!" headline, set against a teal and blue split background.

How to Connect NetLease to QuickBooks Online

Simplify lease accounting with NetLease and QuickBooks integration. Efficiently post entries & receive expert support. Simplify your accounting process today!

A hand drawing a rising arrow on a chalkboard, with a second, faint arrow in the background, symbolizing growth or progress.

Key Considerations when Accounting for Lease Amendments

Discover how to accurately account for lease modifications under ASC 842 with examples. Learn how the top lease accounting software can assist you!

A blue binder labeled "accounting standards" stands upright on a shelf between other colorful binders in an office setting.

Navigating GASB 96: Lease Accounting Software for Accountants

Navigate GASB 96 with ease using Netgain's lease accounting software. Discover how you can streamline your lease accounting processes and ensure compliance.

A close-up of a business meeting with three people around a table, featuring a laptop displaying blueprints and two small wooden house models, symbolizing a real estate or architectural discussion.

Everything You Need to Know About ASC 842 Quantitative Disclosures

Learn about the significant changes ASC 842 has brought to lease accounting disclosures, emphasizing the importance of detailed quantitative information.

This image features the G2 Summer 2023 badges, highlighting awards like "easiest to use" and "best results", centered around the marked "leader summer 2023" badge.

NetLease Customer Reviews Say it All - G2 Summer 2023

Netgain achieved outstanding results in G2's Summer 2023 report. Find out why you should choose NetLease over other lease accounting software, and why accountants recommend NetLease by Netgain.

Two professionals analyze data on printed charts and a laptop displaying graphs in a bright office setting, with calculators and digital devices on the table.

How To Do Sales Type & Direct Financing Leases – Journal Entries Under ASC 842

Learn how lessors can navigate ASC 842 lease accounting changes and properly book and report their leases. Download our FREE tool to simplify lease accounting.

A blue "report" button prominently displayed on a computer keyboard key, surrounded by other standard black keys.

NetLease Helps You Meet ASC 842 Quantitative Disclosure Requirements

ASC 842 has brought about changes to lease accounting disclosures. There are several new quantitative disclosures required under the new standards.

A hand drawing a chalk maze on a blackboard, with an arrow bypassing the maze leading directly to a light bulb symbolizing a bright idea or solution.

Lease Abstraction With NetLease: Understanding ASC 842

It’s time for companies to transition to ASC 842. NetLease can help you abstract leases so that you understand the new regulation.

The image shows two tables, one detailing a sales-type lease and the other a direct financing lease, with respective data like commencement dates, fair values, lease terms, and payment amounts, including a lift in payments in years two and three.

Sales Type & Direct Financing Leases – Journal Entries Under ASC 842

ASC 842 will affect the accounting policies and practices of both parties to any lease agreement. NetLessor can help you meet the demands of ASC 842.

A man in a white shirt sitting and looking at various real estate related icons and terms like "buy," "sale," and "rental prices" drawn in black on a light blue background.

How NetLease's Lease Abstraction Helps You Adopt ASC 842

NetLease's lease abstraction service can help you abstract information in a way that meets the requirements of ASC 842.

A frustrated man in a business suit yelling and gripping his laptop tightly at a desk in a brightly lit office.

Free Lease Accounting Software that Actually Works For Any ERP

Some software companies offer a “free trial” of the product, but it ends up being a stripped-down version that lacks the full features of the product.

A row of new white semi-trucks parked side by side under a clear blue sky, prominently featuring the front of the first truck.

ASC 842 Guide to Operating Lease Journal Entries With NetLessor

It can be daunting to start generating journal entries for your operating leases post-transition. Netgain’s suite of applications allow lessors to automate the accounting for any type of lease.

A construction worker wearing a hard hat looks up at a tall crane alongside a building under construction against a clear blue sky.

NetAsset Makes CIP Process and Roll Forward Reports Easier in NetSuite

In this post we lay out several major benefits of NetAsset - an advanced fixed asset module built on the NetSuite platform.

3D illustration of a descending orange arrow above a row of five gray houses, symbolizing a decrease, possibly in real estate values or market trend.

Short-Term and Low-Value Lease Accounting under ASC 842 & IFRS 16

Discover the new accounting standards for short-term & low-value leases under ASC 842 and IFRS 16. Learn about the rules, benefits, & exemptions for lessees.

Two illustrated hands against a light blue background, one handing over a large blue circular icon with a white pie chart symbol to the other hand.

Intercompany Transfers Made Easy—Asset Edition

Intercompany transfers don’t need to be a big pain. Simplify the accounting and automate the process with NetAsset.

A woman in a striped shirt and jeans smiles while holding a sign that says "sale leaseback" and a white house-shaped cutout, against a light blue background.

How Sale-and-Leaseback Accounting Works with Examples

Discover the complexities of sale-leaseback transactions with our helpful guide. Learn how to evaluate control transfer and determine if a sale has occurred.

Illustration of a magnifying glass focusing on a document with graphs and checklists, accompanied by a clipboard, symbolizing data analysis or audit.

Everything Account Reconciliation

Account reconciliation is an essential part of a company’s operations. Products like NetClose can help accountants with the stress of month-end and year-end entries and account reconciliation.

Illustration of a 3d scroll of paper with a purple gradient background, featuring checkboxes with green check marks and lines of text.

ASC 842 Transition Disclosure Template

Simplify your financial disclosures with our ASC 842 Transition Memo Template. Start saving time today with Netgain. Get your full text disclosure template now!

Logo of "NetLoan" beside a blue button labeled "updates" on a light background.

New NetLoan Features Make Loan Servicing and Accounting Easier than Ever

Loans are vital to most businesses because they represent the lifeblood needed to take their growth to the next level. Sounds exciting, right?

A person holds a large round clock in front of their face, covering it completely. They stand against a vivid yellow background and the time on the clock reads ten minutes past ten.

The Best Software for Auditing ASC 842

Transition smoothly to ASC 842 using software. Time's ticking for fiscal year-end compliance. CPAs face unique challenges.

A large white percentage symbol stands prominently against a vibrant orange background. The symbol is three-dimensional and cast a soft shadow on the surface.

What is Percentage Rent (and How Do I Automate It?)

Percentage rent can tie rent costs directly to sales, which can be a good option for businesses with fluctuating sales. If you have a percentage rent contract, automate payments in your financial syst

A person examines a large calendar marked with various events, standing beside a stack of coins and a clock, indicating time management and financial planning.

What Happened to Deferred Rent under ASC 842?

Discover how NetLease by Netgain simplifies ASC 842 transition, ensuring GAAP compliance by replacing deferred rent with ROU Asset and Lease Liability.

A blue sticky note with "asset management" written in black marker on a wooden desk, surrounded by a pen, a notebook, and a planner.

Fixed Asset Management In NetSuite

Elevate fixed asset management in NetSuite with automated solutions. Enjoy streamlined processes, real-time visibility, and compliance ease—all in one platform.

Individual in a business setting work on a financial analysis using a calculator while reviewing content on a laptop.

Transitioning Capital/Finance Leases to ASC 842

Transitioning to the new standard for capital/finance leases under ASC 842? Our article simplifies the process. Save time and headaches with our free tool!

UI displaying the NetSuite interface and highlighting how to use Netgain's Shared Transactions.

How to Allocate Transactions in NetSuite to Segments and Subsidiaries

Easily split expenses and items between different segments with Shared Transactions by Netgain. Simplify your P&L verification process in NetSuite today!

View from the ground between high-rise buildings looking upwards, capturing an airplane symmetrically framed by the surrounding architecture against a cloudy sky.

Understanding ASC 842, IFRS 16, & GASB 87

If your business deals with leases, the new lease accounting standard (ASC 842, IFRS 16 or GASB 87) is most likely quickly rising on your to-do list.

A person hands keys to a client across a table with house plans, a model home, and documents, symbolizing a transaction.

Lessors, Lessees and the New Lease Accounting Standards

User Lessors and Lessees both have bookkeeping obligations under ASC 842 that can easily be automated with Netgain software solutions.

A lease agreement on a wooden desk, surrounded by a pair of glasses, dollar bills, and an open book titled "leasing". The document is partially visible, showing text about a leasing contract.

ASC 842 Lease Accounting: Simplifying And Automating Accounting Processes

Understanding ASC 842 lease accounting: Learn about the changes, compliance requirements, and benefits it brings to financial reporting and decisions.

A person uses a calculator over a wooden table, with house models, coins, and blueprints nearby, indicating financial planning.

Exploring Operating vs. Finance Lease Journal Entries and Amortization Calculations

Explore the impact of lease classifications on income statements. Consider structuring lease agreements as finance-type leases for EBITDA-centric companies.

A woman with short hair, wearing a striped top, looks thoughtful while standing in front of a gray background with a question mark and two arrows pointing in different directions above her head.

Loan vs. Lease (A Seller’s Guide)

Discover the best option for your business with our free leasing vs. loan comparison tool. Make informed decisions to maximize tax advantages & long-term goals.

Line drawing of a document with a prohibition sign and a handshake symbol, suggesting a contract or agreement related to restrictions or prohibitions.

FASB’s Proposed Changes to Related-Party Lease-Accounting Guidance

Getting lease agreements in writing between related parties has immense benefits. If the deal is on paper, then there will be no need to do an analysis of legal enforceability.

Graphic featuring a document with a house icon, text lines, and a signature scribble, accompanied by a blue pen, against a light blue background. The Netgain logo is seen in the bottom left corner.

Smooth Sailing: Strategies For Successful Lease Management

Unlock the Power of Lease Management with Streamlined Strategies: Your Guide to Smooth Operations. Get the most out of your lease management with our...


Mastering The New Accounting Lease Standard: What You Need To Know

Stay up to date on the new lease standard in accounting with our comprehensive guide. Get insights and learn how to stay compliant with the changes.

Illustration of two diverging red arrows labeled "lease" and "buy" with a person standing at the point where the arrows split, wearing sneakers.

Deciding to Lease or Buy an Asset: Financial Statement Implications

Understand leasing vs. purchasing's financial impact. Crucial for financing, valuations, and cash flow. Explore options with provided tools.

A close-up of a two people exchanging a document over a clipboard, with a white car in the background. The focus is on their hands and the document.

The Easy Way to Achieve Robust Asset Tracking and Asset Revenue Management

Creating and maintaining a useful big-picture understanding of rental assets is no mean feat.

A close-up of a magnifying glass focusing on a financial statement, with coins stacked on the side, highlighting specific figures and details.

It’s Time to Automate Account Reconciliation

Automate tedious account reconciliations for efficiency and accuracy. Simplify monthly close with NetClose software.

Eight herrings arranged in rows on a white background, with one fish in the top row colored red and the rest in natural shades of silver and blue.

The Three Red Herrings of ASC 842 (What Not to Worry About)

Do not fall victim to wasting time on one of the three red herrings of ASC 842: lease classification, Incremental Borrowing Rate (IBR) and embedded leases.

A graphic icon showing a configuration of three gears and three squares interconnected by arrows, symbolizing process flow or system integration.

Automated Billing in NetSuite—Improve Your Billing Process with the Click of a Button

Automate lease billing for efficiency, accuracy, and timely processing. Invest in user-friendly software for seamless automation.

Yellow arrow

Lease Modifications: Everything You Need to Know for 842

Skip the treacherous spreadsheet and simplify ASC 842 modifications with NetLease software. Automate recalculations for organized and consistent handling.

An architect's workspace with blueprints, a drawing tablet, rulers, a magnifying glass, pens, a calculator, and a small potted plant on a grey desk.

Finance Leases: How to Measure Them and Put Them on Your Books

Finance leases are the new capital leases. Follow outlined criteria for lease classification and consider NetLease for automated accounting.

A hand flipping wooden blocks to change the word "panic" to "calm" on a plain beige background.

A Guide to ASC 842 Adoption Reliefs

Streamline ASC 842 adoption for audit clients by leveraging practical expedients. Help clients understand easier options for new lease standards.

Illustration featuring a stylized house with a pitched roof, incorporating a window and a hammer and wrench crossed in the foreground, all in shades of orange and yellow.

How to Account for Leasehold Improvements under ASC 842 and ASC 840

Discover how ASC 840 and ASC 842 impact leasehold improvements and incentives. Learn how to properly account for these assets and amortize incentives.

A magnifying glass focused on a financial chart, with a calculator and additional charts visible in the background, on a desk covered with various business reports and graphs.

How to Calculate ROU Asset Balance for an Operating Lease under ASC 842

Accurate ROU balance-sheet calculations are crucial for lease-accounting compliance. Use the information in this article to nail it!

A chalk drawing of an upward arrow with a patterned design, on a black chalkboard, symbolizing combined growth or progress.

How to Account for Leases Acquired in a Business Combination under ASC 842

Discover how leases are handled when businesses combine. Learn about the allocation of purchase price & the importance of market terms in accounting for leases.

Illustration of a product UI with "Transition to ASC 842 for free" with an arrow symbolizing movement or change.

How to Transition to ASC 842 for Free

Yes, you can transition for free on NetSuite. NetLease Go Free provides powerful lease accounting tools and compliance at no cost.

A magnifying glass focusing on a bar graph labeled "revenue growth" with colored bars representing different quarters.

How to Create Recurring Revenue for Your Firm with Lease Accounting Software

Let’s look at the steps and benefits associated with generating recurring revenue through a lease-accounting software solution.

Flowchart depicting a core financial system at the top, with arrows pointing towards two subordinate elements labeled "primary book" and "secondary book."

The Easy Way to Handle Dual Financial Reporting Requirements

Simplify dual financial-reporting requirements with Netgain’s multi-book-enabled NetSuite app, NetLease. Save time and reduce errors by automating the process.

Graphic representation showing colored intertwined arrows labeled "NetAsset" and "NetLessor," illustrating a connection between the two entities.

Why Use NetLessor and NetAsset Together

Discover the benefits of integrating lease accounting & asset accounting with NetLessor & NetAsset. Connect records, automate functions, & simplify reporting.

Hand-drawn graph on grid paper showing four arrows labeled "efficiency," "quality," "speed," and "cost," demonstrating trade-offs or relationships among these concepts.

Efficiency and Innovation Are Key to a Successful Audit Season

Uncover the secrets to a successful audit with the right tools. Find the perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Explore ASC 842 for Auditors.

An office desk with a laptop, calculator, documents, pen, and an analog clock reading 12 o'clock. A sticky note in front says "tax time".

The Benefits of Integrated Book and Tax Asset Records

Integrating book and tax asset records can alleviate manual work and reduce the cost of tax-return preparation.

A hand holding chalk writing the word "unprepared" on a blackboard, with the "un" being crossed out, leaving the word "prepared.

Are Your Audit Clients Prepared for ASC 842?

Don't let lease accounting complexities overwhelm you. Our lease accounting software tool simplifies ASC 842 compliance.

A person's hand pressing a blue button positioned between two wooden blocks. the left block reads "old way" and the right reads "new way," against a bright orange background.

Can I Adopt ASC 842 with Spreadsheets? Transitioning to the New Accounting Standards in 2022

Is it possible to adopt ASC 842 in spreadsheets? Yes. Is it easy? No. Save time, reduce the risk of error, and get peace of mind knowing you are compliant with a trusted lease-accounting solution.

Two professionals review financial graphs on a tablet, surrounded by documents and a smartphone on the table.

Unlock The Power Of Automation: Discover The Benefits Of A Lease Management System

Automate your lease management system to streamline processes and unlock powerful benefits like increased efficiency, better visibility, and improved...

A digital illustration of data flow with arrows, gears, question marks, and document icons on a blue background, symbolizing information processing and connectivity.

Why Audit Clients Need a Software Solution

As an auditor, it's worth your time to warn clients that the traditional Excel approach won't work with the complex requirements of ASC 842. Any cost savings will be outweighed by the drawbacks.

An overhead view of a well-organized desk featuring an open newspaper with the headline "changes coming in 2022".

ASC 842 Transition Blueprint & Workbook

Learn how to transition to ASC 842 with a free Excel template. Lessees are required to apply a one-time modified retrospective transition approach.

A close-up of a risk assessment meter with a needle pointing towards the high end of the scale, displayed in red against a gradient background of green to red.

The High Risk of Auditing Leases in Excel

Don't make more work for yourself by trying to audit leases in excel. It's not a good idea. In this article, we break down the reasons why excel is difficult for ASC audit and better alternatives

A diverse collection of international banknotes scattered, with various colors and denominations visible, including currencies like pesos and dollars.

Issues with Leases in a Foreign Currency FX (ASC 842)

For US based organizations that are applying ASC 842 to their international leases denominated in a foreign currency (FX). Also for international businesses

A person writing in a notebook with a calculator on their desk surrounded by labeled binders including "taxes" and "income," indicating accounting tasks.

Do I Need to Book Accruals and Amortizations?

Accruals and amortizations don’t need to be difficult. When tracked & booked during the month-close process, it's easier to understand the impacts of deferred payments & revenue on company resources.

Blue checkmark in the foreground with a series of other checkmarks in varying perspectives lined up behind on a reflective surface, implying progression or a checklist.

How to Build a Better Month-End Close Process

Here is a checklist to help with monthly closing the books at small, mid-sized, and large businesses.

White tangled lines on a blue background simplify into a straight arrow, symbolizing clarity and direction emerging from complexity.

How to Integrate Your Close Management Solution

Discover how NetClose, an embedded app for NetSuite, streamlines your close process. Close your books seamlessly and reduce risks.

3D illustration of a white calendar with orange details in front of a large blue smartphone displaying a checklist with orange check marks.

How to Prepare the Perfect Year-End Close

How to make your year-end book close clean, easy, and worry-free. The secret is: stay on top of monthly closing. It pays off in the end.

A woman holds a magnifying glass over her eye, enlarging it, against a bright pink background.

Don’t Be Surprised by Embedded Leases under ASC 842

This article will discuss what an embedded lease is, best practices in identifying embedded leases, and some commonly asked questions.

A graphic showing a balanced seesaw with the words "yes" and "no" at each end, above the question "short-term lease exemption... should you take it?" set against a soft-hued background.

Short-term lease exemption

Take a look at the Short-Term Lease Exemption and if you should elect to take it and how the renewal option should be handled under ASC 842.

Close-up of a financial document showing text regarding payment options and balances, highlighting the figures "$0 to $1,000" and "$500".

Accounting for Variable Lease Payments

In lease accounting, take time when trying to identify and allocate variable payments. Easily make modifications to your contracts in NetLease.

A screenshot of the Oracle NetSuite interface displaying a leasing transaction form with fields for details like lease terms and cost, focusing on an input field highlighted in orange.

Lease Incentives: What to do when timing is uncertain?

If the timing of a lease incentive is uncertain, enter the lease incentive details at the commencement of the lease and add a payment after it is received.

Illustration of a user interface for lease accounting, featuring tabs such as "portfolio composition" with charts and photos, highlighted by a button labeled "simplify.

January 2022 and lease accounting... Now What?

The dreaded January 1, 2022, deadline to become compliant with ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87 accounting standards is now here.

Abstract background representing the concept of impending change.

Accounting is evolving: are you ready?

In 2022, accounting and finance firms should stay current on upcoming trends and pivot to adjust procedures. Look to five areas where change could happen.

A graphic titled "Must Read: Top Recommended Articles" with a list displayed on a card that includes entries like "lessee and lessor," "new ASC 842 standard," and "auditor approach".

Must Read Articles Related to ASC 842 and IFRS 16

Learn from these accounting experts and take these steps now, to ensure you are compliant and have a solution to lease accounting reporting.

View from a hammock stretched between palm trees on a tropical beach, showing a person's legs and the clear sky, sea, and lush greenery in the background.

Headaches gone with a click of a button - for lease accounting

All accountants are looking for a quick and easy solution for the nagging problem of ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87 compliance. Learn how in this blog post.


Don’t have a lease accounting expert … what should we do?

With NetLease Go Free, you do not have to be an expert to stay compliant and manage your leases according to the applicable standards.

A person working on a laptop with documents and a calculator nearby, overlaid with text about spreadsheets including "modifications," "payments," "rates," "formulas," and "calculations.

Should I replace my excel tracking with lease software?

Excel is the catch all in the accounting world. We have all created spreadsheets that become cluttered but essential to our processes.

Stack of colorful sticky notes with a question mark on top, next to the text "NetLease FAQs - what our customers are asking" on a mint green background.

NetLease FAQs

Lease accounting can be stressful. Especially when you are just getting started on a new standard. See what our customers are asking and how we can help.

Individual working at a table filled with documents, a calculator, and a laptop, reviewing financial statements for budget planning or audit purposes.

When to Start Your Lease Accounting Project

Understanding how and when to start the transition of your business's leases from ASC 840 to ASC 842 can be difficult to determine.

Illustration of a forklift beside a stack of boxes, next to a digital interface detailing a lease with a 'run journals' button highlighted.

How do I know if I have a lease?

To comply with the lease standards, companies need to identify their entire collection of leases and it is easier with the NetLease app in NetSuite.

A double-arrow traffic sign on a desert road indicating directions to the left and right, with a clear blue sky and mountain range in the background.

How do I know if I need to comply with ASC 842?

How do you know if your company needs to update its procedures to comply with these standards before January 1, 2022?  (ASC 842, IFRS 16, or GASB 87)

Mature man with gray hair looking puzzled, pointing in two different directions, with a mint and coral triangle background.

5 Steps to Lease Accounting Compliance

Learn five different approaches to become lease accounting compliant. ASC 842 deadline is January 1, 2021.

Colorful sticky notes with black question marks scattered on a surface, featuring various bright colors like pink, yellow, green, and blue.

3 Approaches to Calculating Your Lease Liability

Short-term or long-term: which approach to calculating lease liability is best for you? Learn the different approaches – it’s as easy as 1, 2, or 3.

Arrow starting at the bottom left and pointing to the top right.

FAQ Series: Calculating Incremental Borrowing Rates (ASC 842)

For public companies, FASB has issued a practical expedient to help ease the pain of calculating incremental borrowing rates.

A detailed spreadsheet showing lease amortization schedule including columns for payment date, payment amount, interest accrual, principal reduction, balance, and other financial calculations in an organized table format.

ASC 842 Lease Amortization Schedule Templates in Excel | Free Download

Download our ASC 842 lease accounting spreadsheet template & easily create an operating lease schedule that complies with ASC 842 requirements.

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