NetLease for NetSuite

Best lease accounting
software for NetSuite

  • Automated ASC 842 compliance

  • Audit-ready disclosures and reports

  • Fully embedded in NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite interface featuring 'Lease Type Analysis - Chart 1' from NetLease by Netgain. The main focus is a bar chart titled 'Lease Portfolio Composition', showing different lease types by category, such as real estate versus equipment. A selector above the chart highlights 'ASC 842', and a button below the chart says 'AUDIT-READY', indicating the data's compliance status. The layout is clean, with a blue and pink color scheme and transparent overlays that add a modern and analytical feel to the interface.

Lease accounting tools built for NetSuite

Take control of lease management and get guaranteed compliance.

Automated ASC 842 compliance

Rest easy with Big 4
verified software

  • ASC 842 & IFRS 16 compliance

  • Right-of-use asset adjustments

  • Amortization schedules

Minimalistic illustration of an interface with two overlapping cards labeled 'ASC 842' and 'ASC 840', symbolizing accounting standards. Above the 'ASC 842' card, there is a verification tick, and between the cards, a circular loading icon indicates a process in transition. Adjacent to this is a button with the label 'ONE-CLICK SWITCH', suggesting a feature within the software that allows users to easily toggle between these standards.
Abstract design of a reporting interface featuring a simple layout with the header 'Reporting' and placeholder elements for charts or tables. There's an orange button in the upper right corner labeled 'SIMPLIFY', indicating a feature designed to streamline complex data. The interface elements are superimposed over a backdrop of translucent geometric shapes in pastel colors, conveying a sense of clarity and ease of use.

Audit-ready reports

Boost your visibility
& decision making

  • All disclosure tables automated

  • Single-click journal entries

  • Full lease management tools

Fully embedded in NetSuite

Manage all your lease
data in one place

  • Post directly to the GL

  • Fully customizable

  • AP reconciliations

A graphical user interface element titled 'Data' with a simple line graph and placeholder text. An orange button with the word 'VERIFIED' indicates the data's confirmed status. To the right, a shield icon with a checkmark provides a visual reinforcement of data security and integrity. The overall design is clean and modern, with overlapping geometric shapes in the background, suggesting layers of data management and protection.

Trusted by thousands of public and private organizations worldwide

Native means no integration is needed

As a Native SuiteApp, no integration is necessary. NetLease appears in NetSuite’s navigation and capably uses all its core functionality.

Embedded in NetSuite

As a Native SuiteApp, NetLease puts lease accounting and compliance where it should be — in your core financial system. Install NetLease, and Netgain’s lease accounting processes and automation will be embedded into your NetSuite account, eliminating painful reconciliations, integrations, and concerns about security and data integrity common with third-party apps.

Powerful lease reporting

Comprehensive reporting provides visibility into your leases throughout the entire lease lifecycle. From configuration to termination, and all the monthly transactions in between, you can make informed decisions using real-time information, and forecast based on trends.

Easy setup and flexible configuration

Getting started is simple. Collect your lease data and import via CSV into a clean user interface. Businesses with less than 50 leases can be compliant in as little as three hours.

See why customers love NetLease

Save time, reduce headaches, and simplify your technical accounting.

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