NetClose for NetSuite

Fastest way to close
the books in NetSuite

  • Lives inside NetSuite

  • Advanced task management

  • Auto reconciliations

Interactive dashboard from NetLease in the Oracle NetSuite platform for 'Generate Reconciliations' process. It features a sleek design with actionable buttons 'Submit', 'Back', and 'Reset'. The dashboard includes a task list with status indicators and owner details. There are three circular progress bars showing percentages for completion stages, color-coded in teal, orange, and red. Symbols for 'Automated' and 'Collaboration' underscore the software's emphasis on streamlined, cooperative financial management. The 'RECONCILIATION' dropdown menu is open, highlighting the current functionality.

Close management tools built for NetSuite

Save time and headache on every financial close period.

Fully embedded in NetSuite

Close the books all
inside of NetSuite

  • Keep data in one place

  • Native ERP efficiencies

  • Flux analysis

Conceptual graphic of a centralized general ledger (GL) system, represented by a central blue node labeled 'GL' connected to surrounding nodes through dashed lines, suggesting integration across different functions. The graphic includes a banner labeled 'Centralized' at the top and an 'EMBEDDED' tag at the top right, with a 'SECURITY' tag at the bottom left, emphasizing the secure and embedded nature of the system. The design uses a soft color palette and geometric shapes for a clean and modern aesthetic.
A simplified illustration of an 'Automated close process' with a list of tasks assigned to profile icons representing different team members. The interface features a light design with blue and orange accents. An icon with a pencil represents editing capabilities, and a circular clock icon suggests time-saving or scheduling functions related to the close process.

Advanced task management

recurring tasks

  • Task dependency rules

  • Kanban and list views

  • Progress analytics


Automate & organize
your reconciliations

  • System generated subledgers

  • Rule-based auto-reconciliation

  • Materiality thresholds

Graphic showcasing 'Reconciliations' with three circular progress indicators displaying percentages: 78%, 33%, and 18%, each with a different color coding signifying stages or thresholds. The term 'FINANCIAL STATEMENTS' sits prominently at the bottom, and an eye icon at the top right suggests review or oversight features within the software. The interface uses a clean design with overlapping geometrical shapes in pastel tones.

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Key control tracking

Native NetSuite roles and permissions allow you to design and track approvals and key controls, enabling complete visibility into who performed any task and when it was completed, before the books are locked each month.

Customizable close

Close any subsidiary, account, or other segment (department, class, location) independently from a list. This simplifies the process of closing books in NetSuite. Allows different business units to easily close books independently, maintaining a key control that can be lost in larger NetSuite implementations.

Accounting procedure tracking and documentation

Connect close checklist items to relevant accounting procedures allowing direct access to procedure documentation on each close task.

Accounting close, consolidation and reporting task management

Comprehensive workflow tracking manages your key tasks associated with accounting close, consolidation, and reporting. Create monthly, quarterly, or annual close tasks from pre-defined templates to quickly setup your close checklist each month. Tasks can be assigned to an owner, due date, and more, while being linked directly to the accounting procedure, documentation within NetSuite. Embedding this system in NetSuite also allows NetClose to link to relevant screens in the ERP.

Automated reconciliation and substantiation

Reduce human error, automate the reconciliation process required to close the monthly books. Using a set up of configurable rules, NetClose reconciles supporting details with the transactions in the general ledger using existing details recorded in NetSuite, either completing the entire reconciliation, or creating a list of remaining transactions to investigate. The results can then be substantiated and prepared for certification.