About Netgain

Netgain helps you
automate your work

Our products are built to simplify, standardize, and automate solutions while emphasizing controls and audibility.

Graphic depicting the concept of 'Automated accounting' with abstract design elements. A large white rectangle, with the title at the top, contains placeholder text lines and rectangles representing text fields and charts. Circular icons—one with a checkmark above a document and another with a delivery truck—are superimposed on colorful geometric shapes in the background, symbolizing the efficiency and integrative aspects of automated accounting systems.

Why Netgain

We love accountants

We love the way they think. We know what makes them tick. And, more than anything, we appreciate the complexity of the challenges they face every day. We’re all about helping accountants do what they do.

Modern office setting with numerous employees engaged in their work at partitioned desks equipped with computers. In the foreground, a man and a woman appear to be having a conversation. Natural light from the windows illuminates the space, creating a bright and productive atmosphere. The office is designed with an open floor plan, promoting an environment of collaboration and accessibility.
A blurred view of an office space with a transparent glass wall featuring a variety of prominent company logos and the statement 'Trusted by hundreds of public and private organizations world-wide.' The logos, including those of Peloton, TGI Fridays, Feeding America, StubHub, and others, are displayed in white against a serene blue background, symbolizing a professional atmosphere of trust and partnership.

Where we began

We came up in the ranks as accountants, auditors, controllers and consultants

Netgain was founded by Adam Riches and Nathan Smart in 2018. Both Adam and Nathan started their careers as auditors at a Big 4 accounting firm. They worked as controllers and finance managers, running month-end close and managing the general ledger. Adam found his way to NetSuite where he discovered the beauty and power of the unified database. Alongside Netgain team members, he worked with customers to solve the most challenging finance and accounting problems.

Our locations


9189 Jamaica St
Suite 400
Englewood, CO 80112


3301 N Thanksgiving Way
Suite 150
Lehi, UT 84043

Graphic composition contrasting two distinct landscapes. On the left, a bustling city skyline with towering skyscrapers set against the backdrop of majestic snow-covered mountains. On the right, the iconic red rock formations of a canyon with a clear blue sky. Both scenes are encapsulated within circular frames, overlaid with a yin-yang design, symbolizing balance and the concept of 'ANYWHERE', which is labeled in the center connecting the two images.

Trusted by thousands of public and private organizations worldwide