NetLoan for NetSuite

Loan management for lenders & borrowers

  • Embedded in NetSuite

  • For lenders and borrowers

  • Single-click loan automation

'Loan Modification' interface within Oracle NetSuite, showing sections for 'Current Loan Information' with fields for loan balance and term, and 'Modification Information' with an adjusted payment schedule. There's a circular icon with two arrows forming an infinite loop, symbolizing process cycles, and a prominent 'AUTOMATE' button indicating the feature to automate loan modifications. The overall design is clean, with a light color scheme and intuitive layout for ease of use.

Loan management tools built for NetSuite

Simplify and automate your ever-changing principal and interest accounting.

Embedded in NetSuite

Keep all your loan
details in one place

  • Post directly to GL

  • Reduce uneccessary touchpoints

  • Looks and feels just like NetSuite

Simplified visualization of a 'Financial system' interface, with a header and a stylized line graph representing financial data trends. Below the graph are placeholder elements for additional data or controls. The interface features an 'AUTOMATION' button at the bottom, emphasizing the system's automated capabilities, and a 'COMPLIANCE' tag at the top right corner, signifying adherence to regulatory standards. Soft geometric shapes in the background suggest a user-friendly and modern software environment.
An abstract representation of a file or folder transfer concept within a software interface. The central element is a large folder icon with an arrow pointing downwards, indicating the download or retrieval action. Surrounding the central icon are semi-transparent layers of files and search interface elements, connected by dashed lines, suggesting a sequence or workflow. The image uses a soothing color palette with geometric shapes, implying a user-friendly and organized digital environment.

Advanced lender features

All-in-one lender
management tools

  • Generate customer statements

  • Flag overdue statements

  • Charge late fees

Single-click process automation

Streamline your loan
management process

  • Replace Excel spreadsheets

  • Simple modifications and exceptions

  • Automated invoicing

Graphic depicting the concept of 'Automated accounting' with abstract design elements. A large white rectangle, with the title at the top, contains placeholder text lines and rectangles representing text fields and charts. Circular icons—one with a checkmark above a document and another with a delivery truck—are superimposed on colorful geometric shapes in the background, symbolizing the efficiency and integrative aspects of automated accounting systems.

Trusted by thousands of public and private organizations worldwide

Payment allocations between principal and interest

See how the relationship between the principal and interest of a loan changes over time. NetLoan automatically generates journal entries that change each month to reflect correct allocation between payment and interest.

Integrated AP/AR management

Integrate billing with vendors or customers, removing the disconnect between lease payments and lease journal entries, and identifying payment errors in real-time. Say goodbye to the dreaded month end lease payments reconciliation process. For borrowers, NetLoan maintains direct links to the vendor bills and loan payments. For lenders, it links to the customer invoices and payments.

Complete amortization schedules

Forecast payments, interest expense, and ending balances at any point over the loan’s life. Capture monthly payment details, allocation between interest and principal, and ending loan balance.

Built for NetSuite verified

As a Native SuiteApp, NetLoan puts loan accounting where it should be — in your core financial system. Install NetLoan, and Netgain’s accounting processes and automation will be embedded into your NetSuite account, eliminating painful reconciliations, integrations and concerns about security and data integrity common with third-party apps.

Captures all details from loan origination to payoff

Keeps information together for the entire life cycle of the loan and includes debt covenant monitoring. Includes origination date, initial loan balance, annual percentage rate, monthly payments, loan origination fees, down payments, and balloon payments.