NetLessor for NetSuite

Optimize your
lease accounting

  • Full sales-to-accounting process

  • Audit-ready reporting

  • Fully embedded in NetSuite

Interface screen of the NetLease module in Oracle NetSuite showing an 'Amortization Schedule' section. It features a list of 'Journal Entries' that can be sorted, with entries for initial balance, amortization, and modification of leases. An orange button labeled 'AUDIT-READY' emphasizes the preparedness of the financial records for audit procedures. Below, a tag with the word 'Powerful' signifies the robust capabilities of the software. The interface is presented with a soft color palette and minimalist design, ensuring a user-friendly navigation experience.

Easy-to-use accounting software

Take control of your leases and get guaranteed compliance with the latest accounting standard.

Integrated from sales through to accounting

Bring it all together
with NetLessor

  • Automated lease classification

  • Detailed revenue calculation

  • System-generated invoicing

An abstract representation of a file or folder transfer concept within a software interface. The central element is a large folder icon with an arrow pointing downwards, indicating the download or retrieval action. Surrounding the central icon are semi-transparent layers of files and search interface elements, connected by dashed lines, suggesting a sequence or workflow. The image uses a soothing color palette with geometric shapes, implying a user-friendly and organized digital environment.
Graphic depicting the concept of 'Automated accounting' with abstract design elements. A large white rectangle, with the title at the top, contains placeholder text lines and rectangles representing text fields and charts. Circular icons—one with a checkmark above a document and another with a delivery truck—are superimposed on colorful geometric shapes in the background, symbolizing the efficiency and integrative aspects of automated accounting systems.

Automated calculations and reporting

Rest easy with Big 4
verified software

  • ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance

  • All disclosure tables automated

  • Single-click journal entries

Fully embedded in NetSuite

Manage all your lease data in one place

  • Post directly to the GL

  • Fully customizable

  • AR reconciliations

Simplified visualization of a 'Financial system' interface, with a header and a stylized line graph representing financial data trends. Below the graph are placeholder elements for additional data or controls. The interface features an 'AUTOMATION' button at the bottom, emphasizing the system's automated capabilities, and a 'COMPLIANCE' tag at the top right corner, signifying adherence to regulatory standards. Soft geometric shapes in the background suggest a user-friendly and modern software environment.

Trusted by thousands of public and private organizations worldwide

Compliant with IFRS 16, GASB 87, and ASC 842 requirements for lease accounting

Purpose-built by ex-big 4 CPAs and experts in lease accounting to comply with the disclosure and operational requirements of the new account standards. We have customers who have transitioned onto the new lease accounting standards that have been audited by each of the big 4 audit firms.

Push-button reporting for lease accounting disclosures

Out-of-the box reports for disclosures like the weighted average term and rate, along with roll-forward and waterfall reports that are easy to run and always ready.

Supports modifications

This tool can handle complex and changing leases including standard modifications, decreases in scope, and ROU impairments.

Builds complete amortization schedules

Generates all necessary journal entries for compliance with lease accounting standards and exports to a variety of file types.