Shared Transactions

Shared Transactions
software for NetSuite

Shared Transactions by Netgain lets you easily route the GL impact of a single transaction (i.e., vendor bill) to different subsidiaries and/or segments flexibly and dynamically.

A cheerful woman with curly hair and glasses, in a white shirt, is smiling and looking forward, with a digital overlay of the Netgain Oracle NetSuite interface showing 'Bill' with various allocations for expenses like 'Marketing' and 'Admin.' A prominent 'ALLOCATE EXPENSES' button is at the bottom.

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Easy tie-back

See the allocation alongside your transaction for complete visibility. Full traceability of automated journal entries and allocation weights.

SuiteApp is simple to install and upgrade

You can download the Shared Transactions SuiteApp for free and use it until you need the additional functionality in our Standard or Premium offering. When it is time to upgrade, you can buy with a credit card right in the app.

Allocation templates

Creating a template with pre-determined allocation amounts and destinations makes allocation application easy and error-free. You can assign templates at the line level and in bulk to save even more clicks.

Intuitive user interface

The upgraded NetSuite JET user interface helps you intuitively create an allocation on the spot and apply them to a single or multiple lines of your transaction.

Flexible allocations

Adds much-needed functionality to NetSuite: transaction allocation. Flexible allocations split transactions to separate classes, locations, subsidiaries, or custom segments within NetSuite in any proportion desired (ex: 1:4:5:1). The allocation impact is automatically applied from the bill to the GL level including the proper journal entries.

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