NetAsset for NetSuite

All-in-one asset
management tool

  • Fully embedded in NetSuite

  • Automated accounting and reports

  • All-inclusive asset management

The Oracle NetSuite interface displays a 'NetAsset Depreciation Entry' page, part of the NetLease module. It shows fields for 'Primary Information' such as Entry No., Currency, and Date, and a 'Classification' section marked with an 'APPROVED' stamp. Below, a table headed 'Lines' awaits accounting details like Account, Debit, Credit, and Description. The interface elements are neatly organized for easy data entry, with buttons for 'Edit' and 'Cancel' available for user actions. Soft geometric shapes in the background suggest a user-friendly and modern software environment.

Asset management tools built for NetSuite

Keep all your operations and accounting in one place.

Fully embedded in NetSuite

Asset management
all inside of NetSuite

  • Keep data in one place

  • Native ERP efficiencies

  • Fully customizable

Simplified visualization of a 'Financial system' interface, with a header and a stylized line graph representing financial data trends. Below the graph are placeholder elements for additional data or controls. The interface features an 'AUTOMATION' button at the bottom, emphasizing the system's automated capabilities, and a 'COMPLIANCE' tag at the top right corner, signifying adherence to regulatory standards. Soft geometric shapes in the background suggest a user-friendly and modern software environment.
A simplified infographic representing the 'Phase of an asset's life' within a financial system. The image shows a horizontal progress tracker with three stages, the first stage is highlighted, indicating the current phase. An orange button labeled 'FORECASTED' suggests the status or function related to asset management. Below the tracker, placeholder text boxes imply further details. A circular arrow icon symbolizes the cyclical or updating nature of asset life stages. The design is clean, with a pastel color scheme, facilitating a clear visual hierarchy for the viewer.

Automated accounting & reports

Simplify the process
with pre-built reports

  • True construction in progess

  • Automated tax depreciation

  • Robust fixed asset reporting

All-inclusive asset management

Simplify your asset
management process

  • Barcoding IT asset management

  • Rental management and auto billing

  • Advanced asset detail tracking

Graphic depicting the concept of 'Automated accounting' with abstract design elements. A large white rectangle, with the title at the top, contains placeholder text lines and rectangles representing text fields and charts. Circular icons—one with a checkmark above a document and another with a delivery truck—are superimposed on colorful geometric shapes in the background, symbolizing the efficiency and integrative aspects of automated accounting systems.

Trusted by thousands of public and private organizations worldwide

Advanced reporting including fixed asset roll forwards and waterfall reports

Crucial reporting functionality makes forecasting and auditing easy. Included with the suite of advanced reports, NetAsset creates Fixed Asset Roll Forward reports for auditability and reconciliations and Waterfall reports for forecasting depreciation expense.

Proper segregation of duties across AP, fixed asset, accounting, and facilities teams

NetAsset leverages native NetSuite users and roles to ensure that each step in the process is performed by the right user. Rather than relying on large upfront data dumps, information is collected from employees assigned to the relevant role, simplifying workflows and ensuring greater accuracy of information.

Construction In Progress (CIP) build-up

See aggregate project costs before placing an asset in service. CIP Build-Up functionality links costs to underlying projects or custom groupings in many-to-one relationships. Simplify tracking project costs and commitments against your budget by grouping all relevant costs into a single asset.

Supports entire asset lifecycle

Every phase of the asset’s life is accounted for and forecasted, including capital build-up, in-service placement, depreciation & adjustments, asset maintenance, physical tracking, and reporting.

Embedded in NetSuite

As a Native SuiteApp, NetLease puts lease accounting and compliance where it should be — in your core financial system. Install NetLease, and Netgain’s lease accounting processes and automation will be embedded into your NetSuite account, eliminating painful reconciliations, integrations, and concerns about security and data integrity common with third-party apps.