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Netgain Announces Strategic Acquisition of SuperSync

Netgain — a leader in providing NetSuite-native modern accounting solutions — has officially announced the acquisition of SuperSync,...

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Netgain — a leader in providing NetSuite-native modern accounting solutions — has officially announced the acquisition of SuperSync, SCS Cloud’s NetSuite applications business. This partnership enables Netgain to provide a unique breadth of support to the office of the CFO, helping finance and accounting professionals to streamline processes, consolidate technology and save valuable time.

SuperSync is a provider of innovative cloud synchronization solutions designed to streamline data management and enhance productivity for NetSuite users. The SuperSync suite of products stands out for its affordability and effectiveness in solving niche NetSuite challenges. SuperSync applications include NetSuite integrations for e-commerce, 3PL and fulfillment, CRM platforms, and Outlook — as well as procurement, punchout and approvals.

This strategic technology acquisition allows Netgain to accelerate its vision of empowering accounting and finance professionals to reclaim the hours they are spending in Excel and brute-forcing solutions, and instead reallocate that time to focus on strategic initiatives that make a positive business impact.

Adam Riches, CEO and co-founder of Netgain emphasized the significance of this partnership in reshaping the landscape of accounting, "Netgain's acquisition of SuperSync marks a critical step in our mission to modernize the accounting industry, bringing ease and efficiency to everyday tasks. We are transforming business processes into reliable, accurate automated solutions so accountants can have confidence in the numbers and eliminate second-guessing and errors that stem from manual processes."

Thiago Batista, IT Director at Gorjana, a SuperSync customer noted, “Before SyperSync for Shopify by SCS Cloud, we were struggling to keep up with our inventory synchronization, and our financial reconciliation was a nightmare. With over 127,000 SKUs, we needed something more robust than our current provider could offer. SyperSync revolutionized our process by syncing every 2 hours, ensuring our inventory was always current. Thanks to SuperSync, we resolved a massive reconciliation issue from a $4M deposit, seamlessly matching every transaction in NetSuite. And the cost savings? Extraordinary!”

"Together, Netgain and SuperSync operate with a shared vision to provide unparalleled expertise and support for the CFO's office, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly complex financial landscape," remarked Derek Hitchman, founder and CEO of SCS Cloud. Following Netgain’s acquisition of the SuperSync application product line, SCS Cloud will continue providing its award-winning implementation and consulting services for its customers.

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About SuperSync

SuperSync offers innovative cloud synchronization solutions to streamline data management and enhance productivity for NetSuite. With a focus on reliability, security, and user-friendly interfaces, SuperSync empowers businesses to effortlessly sync and consolidate dozens of data sources to a single, accurate view within NetSuite. Learn more at

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