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NetCash significantly reduced our reconciliation time

"Before adopting NetCash, our monthly bank reconciliation process was a major time drain. We had to manually upload bank data several days at a time, twice a month, which often led to delays and discrepancies. Since switching to NetCash, we now enjoy a live bank feed that updates daily. This has significantly reduced our reconciliation time to just about an hour each day."

Cecilia Banegas

I couldn't be more happy with this tool.

"Sitting inside NetSuite, the NetClose tool feels intuitive and provides direct connection to the data rather than having it sit outside in other platforms. Being able to have scripts and saved searches perform auto reconciliations helps my team focus on less admin work and more value additive work."

Scott D.

It has simplified the close process for us.

"NetClose by Netgain was a tool with immense ease of use and implementation. It included very helpful customer support. It was easy to integrate into our process. There were many features that helped this tool be successful for us. It has been frequently utilized since being integrated."

Joanna P.
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