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These spreadsheet tools, designed by our team of accountants, auditors and CPAs, help you transition, close and calculate. These tools can get you started—for fully-featured solutions, see our software.

Complex financial spreadsheet from Netgain showcasing a lease accounting breakdown. The sheet contains multiple tables with detailed entries for 'LEASE CLASSIFICATION,' 'Transaction Type,' and periodical 'Monthly Journal Entry'. It includes calculations for initial balance, amortization, lease expenses, and deferred rent adjustments, with corresponding debits and credits. The bottom section shows 'Balance Sheet Account Balances' post-transition with 'Deferred Rent', 'Right-Of-Use Asset', and 'Lease Liability' accounts. Notations and procedures indicate steps for compliance with ASC 842 standards. The sheet exemplifies a comprehensive lease accounting tool with a structured layout for financial professionals.

Lessee transition guides

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Financing Leases Workbook and Guide

This auditor-style workbook helps you transition financing leases from ASC 840 to 842. The transition for financing leases is much simpler than that of operating leases.

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ASC 842 Transition Disclosure Template

The transition for lessors and lessees from ASC 840 to ASC 842 is considered a change in accounting principle and requires a transition disclosure. Start with this template.

Lessee accounting consideration tools

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Operating vs. Finance Lease Journal Entries Examples

Better understand the typical journal entries found with an operating lease and a finance lease under ASC 842, as well as the financial statement impact of those journal entries with this tool.

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Embedded Lease Test

Don’t be surprised by embedded leases under ASC 842. This tool takes you through the guidance to determine if a contract has an embedded lease.

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ROU Asset and Lease Liability Calculator

Calculate the Net Present Value of your Lease Payments quickly and dynamically, including any prepayments, initial direct costs, or lease incentives.

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Short-Term & Low-Value Lease Tool

Calculate the schedule for lease payment, lease expense, and deferred rent for leases using short-term/low-value lease exemptions.

Lease and asset tools

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Lease vs Buy Calculator

Change the assumptions in this spreadsheet and see the accounting impact your leases/loans have on your financial statements.

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Lease vs. Loan Calculator (Seller's Perspective)

Explore leases vs. loans under ASC 842 with this workbook. Change assumptions to see the financial implications from the lessor’s perspective.

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Discount Rate Calculator

Find the appropriate risk-free rates for leases, especially for lease terms that fall in between the standard treasury bond terms.

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Accounting Policy Memo Example

Document the method used to calculate your discount rate as additional support for your auditors.

Closing tools

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Monthly Closing Checklist

This template checklist of procedures that must happen each month helps accounting teams close efficiently and accurately. Consistency month after month speeds up close and reduces errors of omission.

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