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  • Technical accounting support

  • AI lease abstraction

Screenshot of the NetLease interface within the Oracle NetSuite platform. The navigation menu includes tabs for 'Home,' 'Clients,' 'Leases,' 'Reports,' 'Client Admin,' and 'Firm Admin.' The section for 'Leases' is expanded, showing sub-tabs for 'Schedules,' 'Accounting,' 'Payments,' 'Modifications,' 'Terminations,' and 'Classification.' Below, there is a schedule with period numbers and start dates. Emphasis is placed on 'AUDIT EFFICIENCY' and 'Automated' to signify features of the software, with a verification checkmark icon indicating a focus on streamlined and verified processes.

Lease accounting software for firms

Take control of your leases and get guaranteed compliance with the latest standards.

Fast track client compliance

Rest easy with Big 4
verified software

  • Mass upload lease portfolio

  • Easy-to-use software

  • Auto-generated disclosures

Graphic of a layered interface with cards representing different accounting standards: GASB 87, IFRS 16, and ASC 842, with the ASC 842 card in focus, implying the selected standard. The card features placeholder lines for data input. A coral button with the label 'COMPLIANCE' at the bottom right corner signifies the system's capability to ensure adherence to these standards. The abstract design with soft geometric shapes and pastel colors creates a sense of organization and clarity.
"A clean and organized interface titled 'Big four accountants,' indicating a list or directory of accounting experts. It features a simple layout with user icons and lines for individual entries. An orange 'EXPERTS' label at the top suggests a specialized filter or category. In the bottom right corner, a shield icon with the number '4' reinforces the concept of security and expertise within the 'big four' accounting firms. The graphic uses a pastel color scheme, adding to the visual appeal and ease of understanding.

Technical accounting support

Get instant answers
from a certified team

  • Experienced ASC 842 consultants

  • Phone and email communication

  • Serving fortune 100 to SMBs

AI lease abstraction

Streamline with
artificial intelligence

  • Automate data entry

  • Eliminate tedious tasks

  • Powered by ChatGPT

A graphical user interface element titled 'Data' with a simple line graph and placeholder text. An orange button with the word 'VERIFIED' indicates the data's confirmed status. To the right, a shield icon with a checkmark provides a visual reinforcement of data security and integrity. The overall design is clean and modern, with overlapping geometric shapes in the background, suggesting layers of data management and protection.

Trusted by thousands of public and private organizations worldwide

Compliant with IFRS 16, GASB 87, and ASC 842 requirements for lease accounting

Purpose-built by ex-big 4 CPAs and experts in lease accounting to comply with the disclosure and operational requirements of the new account standards. We have customers who have transitioned onto the new lease accounting standards that have been audited by each of the big 4 audit firms.

Push-button reporting for lease accounting disclosures

Out-of-the box reports for disclosures like the weighted average term and rate, along with roll-forward and waterfall reports that are easy to run and always ready.

Supports modifications

This tool can handle complex and changing leases including standard modifications, decreases in scope, and ROU impairments.

Builds complete amortization schedules

Generates all necessary journal entries for compliance with lease accounting standards and exports to a variety of file types.

Unlimited auditors, clients and leases per license

For firms of all sizes, NetLease for Auditors provides a fixed-cost solution for every lease.