ASC 842 Guide for Auditors

Download the ASC 842 Transition Guide

Perform a rigorous audit with high customer satisfaction.

Cover of the 'ASC 842 Guide for auditors' featuring an abstract, wavy line design on a light blue background, symbolizing complexity and flow. The Netgain logo is positioned at the bottom, indicating the brand that provides the guide. The image conveys a professional and informative resource for understanding and applying the ASC 842 accounting standard.

This guide explains the details of lease accounting as it applies to auditors. The unfortunate truth is that many audit clients will need a lot of help becoming audit-ready. This presents you, the auditor, with an opportunity.

Topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  • Perform a rigorous audit with high customer satisfaction
  • Simplify audit procedures and manage audit scope
  • Increase audit efficiency and scalability
  • Simplify future audits
  • Build a more valuable auditor-client relationship
  • Ensure effective, ongoing accounting policies

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