SuperSync Files

Easy to use. Extremely powerful.

SuperSync Files is your one-stop solution for integrating all your critical documents between NetSuite, SharePoint, Google Drive, and FTP—instantly.

Upload with drag and drop

File management has never been more user-friendly. Upload documents and files via standard NetSuite forms and directly into the attachments tab. Configure file paths based on custom fields, or automatically create target folders if one doesn’t already exist in SharePoint or Google Drive. Whatever it is, just click-drag-and-drop and let SuperSync Files do the rest.

 Optimal file storage

SuperSync Files is a more cost-effective option for high-volume document storage and also lets you define rules for generating folder paths and locations for each record type. By uploading documents via NetSuite or via the storage service, your whole organization can benefit from a truly robust structure for company files.

 Enhanced file operations

Download, upload, delete or instantly relocate and rename files from NetSuite. Edit Excel and Word documents online with access to Microsoft 365 suite products, all while securely storing files in an external file hosting service.

Drag-and-drop capabilities

 Upload files and documents right into NetSuite’s file cabinet and share them across SharePoint.

File management 

Manage critical files and documents across NetSuite and other platforms with one-click ease.

Security and infrastructure

SuperSync Files resides in the cloud and operates entirely from account to service—untethered from compromised third-party platforms and backed by NetSuite’s best-in-class security.

More than 1 million transactions synced daily

Our team of integration professionals has helped hundreds of businesses streamline their operations. Are you next?