• Adam Riches

VIDEO: An Overview of IFRS 16

Updated: Apr 20

During this webinar we discuss the history of lease accounting, dive into the accounting under IFRS 16, highlight tips & tricks for transitioning to the new standard, and demonstrate how to automate IFRS 16 using software.

For more information about IFRS 16 lease accounting, check out this post.

NetLease is a complete lease accounting and management tool developed to operationalize compliance with ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 standards. It supports lease reporting throughout the entire lease lifecycle and includes functionality like push-button reporting for disclosures, full lease automation, integrated AP management, a robust audit trail, lease modification management and lease detail and document storage. Unlike other solutions on the market, NetLease is ready and currently deployed by public, private, and international companies.

About the presenters:

Adam Riches, CPA is the Managing Partner at Netgain Solutions

Nathan Smart, CPA is a Partner at Netgain Solutions

For more information on automating your lease accounting, schedule a conversation with one of our CPAs.


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