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Release notes highlight recent product improvements, any necessary action items, and new features to come so you can stay up to date on our product features. Use the archive page to view previous release notes.

2020.1   |   2019.1



  • Lease Proposals and Operating vs. Financing Support

    • New lease proposal screen to segregate the process of proposing and creating a lease

    • Included in the lease proposal is the criteria for determination of lease classification—whether financing or operating

    • Ability to create the lease directly from the proposal record

  • Payment Timing Override on the Lease Level

    • Ability to override payment timing (in advance or in arrears) by the underlying lease (was previously by lease type)

  • Ability to export Mass Processing Results to CSV

    • Mass Approvals

    • Mass Commence Leases

  • Mass Schedule Generation Suitelet

    • New UI to be able to filter and select specific Leases for schedule generation in mass

  • Global Setting for Default Reclass Journal and Book Specific Journal Forms

    • Ability to set default JE forms globally in the System Setup

  • Dept and Class filters applied to all scripted reports

  • Lease Classification Default from Accounting Standard

  • Bug fix

    • Exclude leases needing schedule generation from mass lease commencement user interface


  • Your NetSuite Administrator should update your NetLease bundle (Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List)

    • Select “Do Not Update Deployments” across all

  • Update your preferred forms to move the new field “Payment Timing” to the appropriate location on the form. For reference, the Netgain Default form defaults the field to the Accounting tab

  • Reach out with questions on any of the new features



We are excited to announce the latest release of our NetLease solution for Lessees. This is a significant upgrade from our earlier versions and we are hopeful that you will find these enhancements contribute to a better NetLease experience.



  • Multi-Book Support

    • Ability to record book-specific reversals only to a secondary book

    • Ability to select book-specific posting of alternate types (operating versus financing)

  • Lease Journal Approval UI

    • Ability to approve lease journals through a single screen

  • Isolated Final Period Entries

    • New custom transaction type created for Final Period entries (to write off ROU asset and Accumulated Amortization)

  • Isolate Lease records for mass update jobs

    • Ability to flag specific leases via UI or .csv to be updated by mass processing jobs

    • Support for mass commencement and mass terminations

  • Modification Reversals

    • Ability to reverse and revert lease and schedule information updated by a modification

    • Option to systematically delete journal entries or elect manual journal entry reversal

  • Enhanced NetLease Reporting

    • Lease Amortization Waterfall Report

    • Lease Payment Waterfall Report

    • Lease Balance Rollforward Report

  • Ability to perform more critical tasks in mass

    • Mass commencement of Leases

    • Mass termination of Leases

    • Mass creation of Transition Journals

    • Mass approve of Lease Journals

  • UI Enhancements

    • Form redesign to improve navigation and available lease information

    • Intuitive real time feedback of batch processing jobs

    • More robust transparency into created data and error handling

    • Real time current balance information on Lease record

    • Modification UI updates

    • More robust modification history

    • More robust information on Lease Schedule entries to highlight both Operating and Financing information

    • Multi-Classification schedule entry views

  • Refactoring of NetLease Code Architecture to Improve Speed and Efficiency

    • Faster completion of batch processing

    • Faster creation of Schedule Entries

    • Faster creation of Journal Entries

    • More efficient use of resources during map-reduce processing

    • Improved scalability


  • Note that certain lease fields and records will be deprecated with this update. Please do NOT update your NetSuite bundle before working with your Netgain contact to determine if there is any impact—we are looking forward to walking through this with you and demonstrating the updates above

  • Please reach out with questions on any of the new features

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