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Release notes highlight recent product improvements, any necessary action items, and new features to come so you can stay up to date on our product features.

updates in version 2020.3

  • Completed Lease Modifications

    • Allows users to modify a lease after completion, opening up the lease to append additional terms fo (e.g., post completion lease renewals)

    • The Lease Liability is re-established along with the ROU asset and schedules are built out prospectively

  • Lease Termination Reversals

    • Allows users to initiate the reversal of a termination in the event the termination was performed incorrectly

  • Automated Mass Transition from ASC 840 to 842 for US GAAP Customers

    • Allow users currently accounting for leases under 840 to modify to 842 within a single interface. Existing deferred rent balances are applied as net balances in the Lease Liability and ROU Assets (established as of the date of transition)

  • Non-G/L Posting Modifications and Terminations

    • Allows modifications and terminations on leases designated as Non-G/L Posting

  • Additions and Updates to Bundled Reports

    • Additional subledger detail and summary reports

    • Adjusted weighted average reports

  • Bundled NetLease Roles and Centers (Beta Version)

    • Standard bundled roles assigned to a NetLease center

  • Minor Bug Fixes

    • Update the current financial information fields after modification

    • Remaining payment populated on .1 modification schedule lines

What Do You Need to Do?

  • Your NetSuite Administrator should update your NetLease bundle (Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List)

  • Reach out with questions on any of the new features

What’s Next?

Here are a few areas we will now be turning our efforts toward for in our next upcoming release(s):

  • Prepaid Lease Amortization Support (Auto-tagging of Lease ID on native prepaid amortization entries from originating vendor bill/transaction)

As always, please reach out to for comments and suggestions.


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